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Deep Cleaning- Express Facial


A deep cleaning, purifying facial helps in clear away blackheads and stubborn blocked pores. Preventing any future breakouts and resulting the skin feeling super clean and clear.

Soothe and Enrich Facial

Calm girl having spa facial massage in luxurious beauty salon

Designed for dry, sensitive & damaged skin, this intensely calming and restorative facial delivers a nutrient rich elixir to revitalize the skin. Following a deep cleanse and purification, the skin is infused with advanced antioxidants and essential fatty acids to fight free radical damage, protecting it from getting damage.

Anti-Aging Facial


Designed for ageing sign. Are the sign of ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing boost with this facial treatment, which works on improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles and appearance of the fine lines, whilst brightening the skin tone.

Radiance Facial


Deliver dramatic results, accelerates brightening, improves skin tone and enhance skin clarity while treating hyper pigmentation for a luminous skin. Intense moisturizing, reduce fine lines, improves barrier protection, nourishing skin and shields against further environmental damage

Anti-Pollution Facial


Designed for oily & combination skin. A must have treatment for clients concerned with effects of pollution and making skin combination/oily. This facial provides triple action-absorption along with physical and natural exfoliation and removes harmful impurities built up from pollutants that lead to premature ageing and brown spots.


Shivanjali’s Signature Skin Soothing Treatment


Sooth away redness irritation and inflammation, with this powerful calming treatment. The active ingredients, dramatically reduces all sensitisation, appearance of fine lines and dehydration leaving the skin with a smooth and uniform texture

Shivanjali’s Signature Rapid Spot Clearing Treatment


Bring the contributing factors of acne under control! This powerful treatment purines and clears acne, calms sebum redness, reduces the appearance of blemishes associated with acne without drying the skin

Shivanjali’s Signature AGE Repair Treatment


Are the signs of skin ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalising boost with this treatment, which works on improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, and appearance of fine lines, whilst brightening the skin tone.

Shivanjali’s Signature Radiance Treatment


Delivers dramatic results, accelerates brightening, improves skin tone and enhances skin clarity while treating hyper pigmentation for a luminous skin. Intense moisturisation reduces dry lines, improves barrier protection, nourishes skin and shields against further environmental damage



This facial is design to help to clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and removed dead cells. Facial involve some massage which aids in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The facial massage also helps to relax facial muscles.

Basic Clean Up


clean-up includes cleansing, scrubbing, steam, and removal of blackheads and whiteheads  can be done  weekly

Basic Facial


A basic facial cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns with a custom mask.

Eye Treatment


 For  Under-Eye Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dark circles & Puffy eyes.

Balinese Facial


A  basic  fruit facial which can go for any skin type.

Jewel facial


In this we do Silver / Pearl / Gold etc as per your skin type and need.

Tan-Removal Facial


In this it helps to remove  tan from your facial skin.

Hydra Nourishing Facial

c870x524 (2)

This will generate moisture level and removes dryness from your facial skin.

Skin Purifying Facial

Classic Facial - Peak Day Spa Skin Care in Salt Lake City UT - Massage Near Me

This is special to remove excess oil and acne from your facial skin.

Anti-Pigment Facial


This facial helps to reduce your pigments to make your skin even out.                                                             

Anti-Ageing Facial


This facial reduce your facial ageing sign and increase elasticity to your skin.

Party Glow/Vitamin C Facial


This will give very good effect to your facial skin and gives a beautiful glow. Also helps to slow down your ageing process. All skin type.

Lumiere Facial

c870x524 (3)

This facial is good for any skin type and tries to even out your skin and gives natural glow.


Hydra Nourishing Facial Treatment


The  ultimate source of hydration for dry and de-hydrated skin. Removes dull& keratinized skin for optimal absorption of nutrients for succeeding treatment procedures. Helps penetrate & saturate skin layers with deep long lasting hydration. Supports skin to boost its ability to retain optimal hydration levels.

De-Tan/De-Pigment Facial Treatment


De-Tan facial repairs the damage done by harmful UV sun rays, lightening blemishes & remove dead cells. This facial reduces blemishes and uneven skin tones and improves skin clarity. It reduces hyper-pigmentation and lightens even skin tone.

Fresh fruit/Skin Purifying Facial Treatment


Skin purifying uses specialized massage techniques to get specific results normalizing, draining out impurities and also stimulating lymphatic flow, refining pores and clarifying skin all while relaxing the mind. Controls undesirable shine, reduces sebum secretion and provides appearance to help your skin attain a healthier state.

Anti Ageing Facial Treatment:

Woman Receiving a Facial Massage

The premier anti ageing treatment awakens your senses and get rid of fine line and wrinkles while getting firmer and glowing skin. It will return your skin elasticity. Skin is plumped and regenerated, turn back the years to a skin that appears ageless, to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically. Recommended for all skin type.